Toshio "London" Saegusa is Sanshiro's self-called best friend in the manga. He always tries to find the "cool" way to solve every problem which is exactly opposite of the headstrong Sanshiro. At first London avoids Sanshiro but later begins to accept him as a friend. His wish is to become the best rock star, although he is tone deaf.

Appearance and personalityEdit

London appears in a typical rock star outfit with a union jack bandana which earned him his nickname. He maintains this appearance throughout the manga.

London always tries to be cool but hates it when people act uncool in front of him, especially Sanshiro. His kind side is shown in a flashback where he helped a blind kid called Naoya


Before Bakegyamon, London helped a blind kid get his eye surgery. However when that kid asked him to sing, London was worried he would let him down and did not come. He was really sad as he yelled an apology. A bakegyamon guide sensed his feelings and made him join the game. He was the first friend Sanshiro made in Bakegyamon. He mostly uses Metal type Gekifu. His main Gekifu is Crescent.