Sanshirou Tamon
JP name 多聞三志郎
Dub name Sanshiro Tamon
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eyes Color Amber
Age Estimated 11 years old
Seiyuu Kobayashi Yumiko
Game Gekifu Bakegyamon Ayakashi Fighting DS
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1

Sanshiro Tamon (多聞三志郎) is challenger of Bakegyamon, a game that takes place only once every 44 years and it can grant any wish.

Background Edit

Sanshiro is an energetic young boy who grew up on a small island. He loves adventure which made him want to participate in Bakegyamon .


Sanshiro uses the monsters Hitosuki, Enzan, Umineko, Kitsune Birin, Inoshiji, Dorokozo and Ikkaku, as well as others.

In the mangaEdit

Sanshiro lived on an isolated island where he wanted to go on adventure. He met Fue and went to play Bakegyamon. Since then Sanshiro has met many people such as Toshio "London" Saegusa, Aki Hino, Mikiharu Kawaguchi, Sayaka and Shu Satomura. He currently has Doro-kozo, Senkaku and Enzan in his collection of Gekifu.

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