Oyakamui was Sayaka's Super Summon which get in episode 31 and give to Sanshiro in episode 36.And return in episode 49.


Oyakamui was blue two headed serpent in the base and the tip and also he has two pairs sharp wing in base head and tip head.


In episode 31 , Sayaka used him to battle agaisnt Tayura's minion ,Tsumuna and win because he used inhale ability to absorb Tsumuna's body.

In episode 36 , He battle agaisnt Enryuu and lose and Sayaka give it to Sanshiro.

In episode 38 , He battle agaisnt Hagane but lose because Hagane strike him by Light strike.

In Episode 39, He helped Sanshiro battle Ghost Mask but defeated.

In Episode 49 , He,Hagane,Jinba,Hudojin,Enno and Shining Moon battle agaisnt Nue and win and combine his power, Ootengu, and other Gekifu to summon Hinoe.


Inhale Attack: Oyakamui absorb enemy to his body and prevents them from dodging this attack it is Oyakamui powerful attack.

Sharp wing Attack: Oyakamui strike his foe with two pairs sharp wing.

Twining Attack: Oyakamui twining his enemy with his long body and prevents them from moving.